B2B Lead Nurturing Examples to Help Close Deals Confidently

B2B Lead Nurturing Examples to Groom Business with Expertise & Assurance

By Binary Demand - Last Updated on May 27, 2024

It’s well-known that B2B sales cycles can be lengthy and complex, requiring marketing and sales teams to collaborate effectively.

However, without alignment, this process can quickly become chaotic. This is where lead nurturing solutions comes into play, serving as the essential strategy that facilitates engagement and customer conversion.

A strong lead nurturing approach not only attracts and retains customers but also fosters long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

B2B lead nurturing is crucial for boosting conversion rates and stimulating business growth. This blog post will delve into the importance of lead nurturing and the best B2B lead nurturing examples to enhance your lead nurturing efforts.

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What is B2B Lead Nurturing?

B2B lead nurturing is all about identifying when your marketing-qualified leads are ready to be passed over to your sales team. It is the process of engaging with potential customers at different stages of the sales funnel to cultivate relationships. When leads initially subscribe or sign up, they may have various motivations.

Some might already be interested in buying your product, which makes the job of marketing and sales teams easier. However, many leads, especially those at the top of the funnel, are primarily seeking information and are not yet ready to purchase. Premature sales attempts with these leads are typically fruitless.

Moreover, if your product addresses a range of problems, your leads will have unique and personalized needs. It is essential to tailor your communication and engage with leads effectively to guide them toward making a purchase.

Successful lead nurturing campaigns hinge on a deep understanding of your prospects’ needs, fostering trust through interaction, and consistently providing valuable information. This nurturing should continue until leads are ready to make a purchase, at which point you can smoothly transition to closing the sale. Let’s understand this with the help of examples.

B2B Lead Nurturing Examples for Improved Conversion Rates

To cultivate relationships and drive conversions, you must nurture your leads carefully. The examples below will provide you with valuable guidance on how to succeed in the B2B landscape.

B2B Lead Nurturing Examples

Case Studies of B2B Lead Nurturing that Enhanced Customer Engagement

As businesses look to forge lasting relationships with potential clients, the art of lead nurturing becomes a strategic pillar to success.

Effective lead nurturing transcends the basics of communication, delving into personalized, strategic interactions that foster trust and deepen engagement.

In this context, presenting lead nurturing case studies can offer valuable insights for companies aiming to enhance their customer engagement.


  1. Drift’s welcome email

Drift’s welcome email stands out for its simplicity—no intricate designs, videos, or photos.

Instead, it starts with an honest comment about typical welcome emails being long and complex.

Dave from Drift notes, “Good news: we aren’t most people.” What follows is a simple bulleted list of the company’s top blog posts, with a brief mention of the product only appearing in the postscript.

This minimalist and value-focused approach makes it a prime example of crafting a non-intrusive welcome email.

  1. HubSpot’s INBOUND event

HubSpot’s INBOUND 2024 draws in business experts globally, and it’s no surprise that its event confirmation email is straightforward and user-friendly, complete with handy links for event details, support, and accessibility options.

As you continue to scroll, you’ll discover additional helpful features such as links to add the event to your calendar, social media sharing options, and Google Maps directions.

This comprehensive approach to event invitations ensures that attendees have all the necessary information in just one email, even if that’s the only one they see.

  1. NordVPN’s free trial

NordVPN sets the bar high for free trial landing pages. Front and center, a clear calendar highlight the free trial period. We can call this a best B2B lead nurturing strategy example.

Essential features included on Nord VPN’s page are:

Messaging: Directly addresses user concerns, emphasizing how NordVPN helps users “avoid risks”.

Credibility boosters:

  • Endorsements from PewDiePie and Philip DeFranco
  • Persuasive testimonials and logos from experts and real users

Additional information for users:

  • Clear comparison table for pricing plans
  • FAQ section to answer lingering questions
  • Money-back guarantee for added peace of mind
  • Download links and multiple calls to action for a smooth signup process.
  1. OptinMonster’s abandoned cart drip converts

Abandoned shopping carts are a significant source of unrealized revenue. An effective abandoned cart drip campaign can turn these potential losses into gains by encouraging customers to complete their purchases.

Initial contact: The campaign begins with an immediate reminder about the abandoned cart, keeping the transaction in the customer’s mind and emphasizing the ease of completing the purchase.

Follow-up engagement: If the first reminder is ignored, a follow-up email is sent the next day. This message empathizes with the customer, suggesting potential obstacles and providing compelling reasons and a clear call to action to finalize the purchase.

Urgency and incentive: If the customer remains hesitant, a final email warns of account and cart deactivation, offering a 10% discount to complete the purchase within 24 hours. This urgency and incentive encourage action, helping to reduce abandoned cart rates.

This step-by-step approach not only recovers sales but also boosts customer loyalty through timely and considerate communication.

  1. Accenture video on state of sales

Videos are becoming a preferred tool for companies to quickly convey the uses and new features of a product, especially during onboarding.

This strategy is vital for capitalizing on the initial contact with potential customers, and enhancing engagement through interactive, customized content that facilitates clear and comprehensive communication.

Videos are proving invaluable not just in marketing, sales, and HR but across various business functions, enhancing a wide range of processes.

At the top of the B2B sales funnel, where educational content is particularly impactful, companies leverage insights about potential customers to create tailored content that addresses their specific needs.

This phase involves engaging leads who may have just started a free trial or signed up for a freemium service, and the company must gather as much information as possible to refine its content strategy.

Consider Accenture’s example: In partnership with AA-ISP, their research highlighted major shifts in sales. To explore this, a virtual roundtable was conducted where leaders benchmarked their practices against these findings, focusing on:

  • Remote sales: The growing acceptance and evolution of inside sales.
  • Training: Approaches to training and onboarding remotely.
  • The numbers: Community-reported data on sales activities, quotas, and drivers of results.
  • Technologies: Changes and consistencies in sales technology within the remote selling landscape.
  1. Playvox success stories

Sharing success stories or case studies, like Creditas’ partnership with Playvox, can boost potential clients’ confidence.

This example of B2B lead nurturing showcases tangible improvements and revolutionary outcomes in workforce management and demonstrates the real-world effectiveness for those facing similar challenges.

  1. Kaltura’s educational webinars for B2B marketing

Kaltura Webinars provides a robust platform specifically designed for B2B marketing and communication, emphasizing interactivity and user engagement.

It offers features like high-quality video streaming, real-time analytics, built-in promotional tools, and customizable branding.

Additionally, Kaltura supports interactive tools such as live polls, Q&A sessions, emoji reactions, come-to-stage options, and breakout rooms, enhanced by a recent update with an AI assistant that boosts engagement through real-time suggestions.

Concluding Lines

B2B lead nurturing thrives on a collaborative spirit, extending far beyond the realm of the sales department. Building strong client relationships requires a unified effort across multiple teams, particularly sales and marketing.

Sales teams sit at the forefront of the customer journey, witnessing firsthand the challenges and objectives clients encounter at various stages. This invaluable knowledge empowers marketing to develop targeted Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs).

The above lead nurturing campaign examples gives ideas to craft compelling content, like blog posts, advertisements, and nurturing emails, that helps in maximizing customer acquisition.

The key to successful collaboration lies in aligning both teams around shared objectives. Implementing a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system facilitates this alignment.

By providing a unified view of the sales pipeline, a CRM system fosters seamless communication and transparency, ensuring both departments operate on the same page and contribute effectively to nurturing leads throughout the customer journey.

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