Data is the fuel to any successful sales and marketing strategy. It is very important that every marketer today is asking themselves some critical questions around data –

  • What is our total addressable market?
  • How much data is available for the total addressable market?
  • What data do I already have access too?
  • How much more can I get from the market?
  • How can I know if the data I have is relevant?
  • How do I manage Suppression, DNC and compliance?

Data deteriorates by 2% every month, Email marketing databases naturally degrade by about 22.5% every year. The absence of accurate data can make or break a marketing strategy and therefore, the need of an accurate, live data becomes indispensable.
Utilize Binary Demand’s global contact database to kickstart your marketing strategy and forget all the stress about bad data.


Binary demand provides custom solutions to ensures that your ata doesn’t get wasted and you make up for the natural degrade in your database.
We provide customized solutions to all your data problem.

  • Standardization – Send us all your data in multiple files and we will ensure to send you back the data in a master file. Sorted and arranged.
  • De-dupe – We identity any duplicates within accounts, contacts and effectively remove them
  • Cleansing – Identify and remove inaccurate data
  • Verification – Identify dead contacts within your list. We verify email phone number, address, and whether the contact still works in the same organization or not
  • Appends – We do both email and data appends. We’ll identify and remove all the bad information and replace that with accurate data
  • Opt-in – We also run opt-in campaigns for you so that you can make an outreach without spamming


How to make use of the 120 Mil contacts. Just let us know the criteria – Geography, company size, job titles, industry, etc that you are looking for and we’ll provide you the count of records we own against your requirement. Else, simply send us the list of accounts and we’ll match that against our master database. Our high accuracy – low cost model makes us the best ROI generating list partner in the marketplace.


Binary Demand’s custom list build is fueled by 120 million contact, Big data, Market intelligence and a set of manual & automated data verification process that generates 100% accurate contact based on customized filters and targeting to help you find the right person for your sales and marketing efforts.