B2B Demand Generation Campaigns for Higher Business ROI

Build and Set Out for Successful B2B Demand Generation Campaigns

By Binary Demand - Last Updated on January 11, 2023

Is demand generation a crucial aspect of B2B marketing?

That is equivalent to questioning if oxygen is required for humans. Demand generation has a specific function in keeping you going forward. In a previous blog post, we defined B2B demand generation and outlined key components of the B2B demand generation funnel.

In B2B marketing, robust B2B demand generation solutions are essential when there’s a shortage of qualified leads. The key challenge is ensuring that your target audience receives the attention they deserve. Without this focus, the generated leads may be subpar or even non-existent.

Incorporating B2B demand generation campaigns is one solution. Concentrating on demand generation may have a more significant influence on your brand’s exposure and attention. As more prospects become aware of your organization, it will become easier to convert them into leads.

Today, we’ll be concentrating on the nature of demand generation campaigns.

What is a B2B Demand Generation Campaign?

A demand generation campaign is a data-driven marketing technique businesses use to increase product or service awareness and interest.

It prioritizes the delivery of content and dialogues across the client journey. In your demand generation campaigns, every touchpoint should be accounted for.

Consequently, how can you construct an effective B2B demand generation strategy? You must first comprehend the B2B demand generation funnel.

The demand generation funnel serves as a guide for crafting messages and content for prospective customers. It reveals what the prospective consumer seeks at each stage, allowing you to tailor your strategy and content accordingly.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the demand creation funnel, we will examine several effective, implementable B2B demand generation strategies.

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How to Build Profitable Demand Generation Campaigns?

The objective of your demand generation campaign is to close the revenue-to-sales gap. You achieve this by attracting prospects to your B2B lead generation funnel.

When planning a demand generation campaign, there are several components to consider. This involves determining the following:

  • Your target prospects
  • Their pain issues
  • Frequent questions they ask
  • Their purchasing habits

You’ll better understand your audience’s wants and how to assist them with this knowledge. You will be able to create a plan that will:

  • Increase brand exposure
  • Generate curiosity
  • Offer contemplation
  • Satisfy intent
  • Acknowledge evaluation
  • Convert leads

A well-planned and successful strategy is the key to business growth.

You can follow the below steps to create a successful strategy:

  • Establish goals
  • Identify your audience
  • Build a need for your product or service
  • Create informative content
  • Start conversations
  • Develop lead magnets
  • Measure success

During your campaigns, it’s crucial to stay informed about common myths in B2B demand generation. Dispelling these misconceptions can significantly enhance your campaign’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Common B2B Demand Generation Campaign Strategies

A successful demand-generation program improves brand recognition and authority and generates engaging, thought-provoking material that creates attention and leads.

The internet facilitates the creation of brand demand and buzz. To make it happen, just the appropriate channels and strategies are required. Now, the strategy you employ will depend on your target audience and industry.

For instance, you may discover that your audience responds better to short videos than to one-hour webinars.

Let’s take a look at some of the demand generation tactics you can use:

  • Collaborate with industry leaders and influencers
  • Host a webinar and invite questions at the end of the session
  • Use case studies to provide anecdotes and spark debates
  • Utilize data to build a must-have industry report or collaborate with another industry leader to generate a combined report
  • Show authenticity by not making every post and conversation business-related
  • Use look-alike audiences from social media to learn more about your prospects and create ads specifically for them
  • Create emails with a narrative focus to generate curiosity
  • Freely distribute information via videos and digital material

When planning your campaign strategy, be mindful of potential B2B demand generation pitfalls. Recognizing and addressing these challenges proactively will bolster your strategy and increase your chances of success.

B2B Demand Generation Campaigns Examples 

Look at how you can apply various demand-generation tactics in the real world. Here are a few you can try today.

  • Develop educational content:

B2B audiences are continually reading content, which will help to self-improve or advance their professional careers. Show your knowledge by offering free educational downloads.

  • Propose free trials and services:

Nothing gets attention like “free.” People will try almost anything for free. Give potential consumers a free trial.

Offer a 14–30-day free trial. Then ask them why they didn’t become a customer. One survey indicates that B2B enterprises that provide free trials get an average conversion rate of 66%.

  • Send corporate gifts:

Sending presents to prospects effectively increases demand for your goods or service. It can generate a return on investment above 200% if appropriately executed.

When you offer prospective consumers presents, you encourage them to contact you. Consider using this strategy to schedule calls and meetings.

  • Personalized email campaigns:

Personalization is not a fad. It is a tried-and-true approach for B2B marketers to engage with their target demographic.

B2B Email marketing is one technique for establishing customization. This is an evergreen B2B demand generation campaign strategy and is widely leveraged. According to Oberlo, personalizing email subject lines may raise open rates by 50%.

  • Generate business opportunities:

Leverage the audiences of blogs with a sizable readership. Find an industry influencer for whom you can write a guest blog article.

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Consequently, their audiences will notice and become interested in your brand. According to brand research, guest posting may enhance new visits and lead conversion. This strategy acts wonders for successful B2B demand generation.

  • Host a webinar:

Virtual events are currently very popular. Webinars are an excellent tool for demand development for B2B businesses.

73% of B2B marketers, according to Outgrow, believe webinars are the most distinctive approach to generating high-quality leads.

Elements of a Successful B2B Demand Generation Campaigns

There are specific procedures that should be included in every campaign to increase the likelihood of creating interest in your product or service.

The techniques you employ should be appropriate for your organization and the current demand creation stage.

  • Create informational content:

Create material with the express intent of educating and introducing others to an issue they face.

  • Share a free report:

When presenting the problem you want to address to your audience, it is beneficial to have quantitative and factual evidence to support your assertions.

Sharing free industry data or statistics might help your audience comprehend the issue you’re attempting to shed light on.

The report will give your audience vital information to make future purchase decisions.

  • Identifying a product-market fit:

After introducing prospective audiences to an issue, it’s crucial to hone in on your ideal target audience by developing tools that assist you in learning more about them.

  • Use a lead magnet:

If a free tool seems too complicated, you may get a comparable result by constructing a more straightforward lead magnet.

A lead magnet can be anything from a free checklist, e-book, or quiz to exclusive content or access to it.

  • Increasing brand awareness:

Once your audience knows the problem, they must trust your brand enough to pick your product or service.

Exposing your product to a focused, well-informed audience enhances the possibility that someone will recall it when making a purchase.

  • Invest in blogging and guest posts:

Your blog should be a key route for audience demand. Content that educates and solves an issue will create trust and authority.

Partnering with industry companies may boost post traffic and engagement. Guest blogging on industry websites may help raise awareness of a problem you’re solving and increases brand visibility.

How to Measure the Success of B2B Demand Generation Campaigns?

To determine whether your strategy is effective, you must assess the impact of your methods, and measuring demand generation success might be difficult if you are unaware of what to look for. However, there are several effective approaches to setting expectations and scrutinizing the results of your B2B demand generation campaigns.

  • Define KPIs

To measure the effectiveness of your efforts, you must first identify the desired key performance indicators. Your chosen KPIs should always correspond with your overall company or marketing objectives.

A few KPIs that may apply to your campaigns are:

  • Website traffic
  • Lead magnet downloads
  • Cost per lead
  • Free trial/tool signups
  • Customer acquisition cost
  • Track data over time

Understanding which leads respond to your content might help you modify your demand strategy to generate more reliable, higher-quality leads.

Analyze your approaches and conversion rates. Compare these rates to those of your target market. Testing standard procedures assists in identifying and evaluating approach adjustments.

Demand Generation Benchmarking Data

Before developing and implementing new B2B demand generation campaigns, examining what other marketers have to say about their demand creation efforts is worthwhile.

Here are a few recent demand generation benchmarks to indicate how much organizations invest in demand creation, what they prioritize, and the results they’ve seen.

  • Demand generation budget
  • ABM solutions
  • Increasing demand throughout the whole sales funnel
  • Demand generation goals and strategies


Developing successful B2B demand generation campaigns might seem like a complex task, but it’s not as intricate as rocket science. With the right approach and strategies in place, you have the potential to generate a steady stream of B2B sales-qualified leads for your organization. This means that you can effectively connect with prospects who are not only interested in your products or services but are also more likely to convert into loyal customers.

Partnering with a B2B demand generation company can make a significant impact. They use data-driven, cutting-edge techniques to boost lead generation and conversions. Their methods are tailored to match your specific business goals, ensuring results that align with your unique needs.

If you are interested in applying or reapplying time-tested procedures, Binary Demand is here to assist you with tailored solutions.