Binary Demand’s premium call to action leads (often referred to as HQL) is supported to convey an incentive to lead purchasers and something more than only a rundown of contact. The name itself proposes its fundamental target, leads where prospects are interested in getting a call back from a sales rep. This creates a way for sales rep to get in touch with the potential buyer over a phone call and personalize the sale.

You may inquire as to why not call it an appointment, well it’s not an appointment, it’s a call back in an open window, neither the prospect or sales rep is obliged to set aside a few minutes for a meeting to set up and can utilize this preferred standpoint of CB to talk at an accessible time, at whatever point they believe they are prepared to talk. Other than an appointment will ordinarily cost 5x cost of CB lead. CB program was intended to convey more an incentive in less cost and higher volume. Organizations that are hoping to customize their deal, include a human touch, achieve their correct target of right party contacts either through a characterized specs or by means of target account rundown can profit extraordinarily with Affirmed call back to Leads.


Intent to purchase leads are a subset of CB leads which are further filtered down with the help of qualifying custom questions. These are leads (prospective buyers of technology that you are pitching) that are ready to receive a call back from your sales rep and also have a need or some challenges along some budget planning under process to that confirms their intent to purchase a similar technology or product like yours. One of the most premium Binary demand leads, intent to purchase leads are closest to BANT.


Lead nurturing has turned into an indispensable piece of an effective marketing system—particularly when building relationships with potential buyers over different channels, regardless of the possibility that they are not yet ready to buy your products or solutions. The present potential buyers don’t progress toward becoming clients overnight—they require showcasing after some time as they self-educate and manufacture trust with an organization. Lead nurturing enables advertisers to discuss consistently with buyers cross-channel and all through the business cycle—tending to the crevice in time between when a lead initially communicates with you and when they are prepared to buy. Binary demand’s Appointment Garnering and BANT methodology ensures that you have a constant communication channel open with the buyer.


Sales qualified leads (SQL) or BANT are the most premium version of lead generation along with appointment setting. Binary demand runs unique BANT/SQL which includes connecting multiple tactics together within one program which in turn generates high quality leads due to very tight qualifications and filter criteria. A sample Binary Demand SQL/BANT campaign would be Content Syndication + CCL + BANT Qualifying questions. With this multi-tiered approach, we ensure to get you closer to the right buyer at the right time within your set of criteria’s.


As a Sales Manager, you need to have more face time with prospects through a reliable stream of good quality leads arranged for your group week after week. Binary demand engages with your team and turns into a virtual extension of your field sales team, securing quality time with right party contacts in your prospect accounts. We offer you an awesome chance to concentrate on the most proficient method to develop your business, i.e. closing deals, instead of finding leads. Give us a chance to deal with the “finding” part. Investing time and assets in nurturing these leads is vital to settle the negotiations. In any case, there are constantly more basic undertakings requesting your attention! Additionally, our b2b appointment setting programs will spare you time, vitality and asset costs. You pay only for the attends that meet your criteria.